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Professional Wakeboarding Lessons

Professional wakeboarding Lessons at Wake School DFW

Wake school DFW is run by certified instructor Riley Bruton along with a team of highly qualified instructors. We aim to share our experience and the techniques that we have learned over the years to help you become an expert wakeboarder.

Wakeboarding is the fastest-growing sport today. The sport is incredibly popular among the young generation, although we also offer training for older people. Our pro instructors will ensure you easily find your feet on the water and gradually build your confidence to learn new and advanced tricks.

At Wake school DFW, we strive to take our students to new heights through steady but rigorous skill development. We will assist you in everything, from fine-tuning your wakeboarding and wakesurfing styles to ensure your targets are reached. We are always up to date with the latest innovations year after year, to ensure we improve our coaching and give you more exciting surfing experiences.

Without professional wakeboarding lessons, this sport can be a little scary. However, once you have someone to guide you through the basics and even at advanced levels, wakeboarding can be extremely fun. The good thing is that you don't require a high level of fitness or have strong arms to enjoy this sport.

Our professional wakeboarding lessons come with health and fitness benefits. Wakeboading builds stress on your legs and arm muscles and improves the flexibility of your feet and hands. The best way to begin your learning process is to get an expert to guide you, especially if you want to surf out there.

Your instructors first identify the stance that is natural and comfortable for you on the view. Our coach will have to determine if you're regular, known as left-foot-forward, or a goofy, also known as right-foot-forward. If you’re an intermediate or advanced wakeboarder, you probably know this. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because our coach will help you get to stand up – the first foot to move forward will be your lead foot.

What to learn more? Book a professional wakeboarding lesson today, and you'll love everything about it.

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